Cedar Creek Retrievers Testimonials
           Here are a few personal letters, from what I consider, our extended families.
They are sincere e-mails from the wonderful families we have chosen for our wonderful pups.
                            We feel each of our pups are in the special homes they deserve!!
Hey Donna,
Well it's been a year and thought of giving you an update on our puppy.
Owners: Wally and Kathy Scott of Pinopolis. Sable was born 1-3-08 and the
daughter of "Mable" and "Tugboat". Sable is what I call a "blue puppy"
because you revived her at birth (thanks).
Well, Ms Sable is a ball of fire. She is not quite 55lbs. and has 8-cylinders, 2
four barrel carburetors, 4 wheel paws (which she also likes to dig with) and
has an unlimited fuel supply (no empty in her tank).
She dove hunted this year and in my opinion out did all others dogs in the
field. She never picked up any other hunters' birds, but other dogs picked
up her birds and she would be sitting (holding) at my side waiting for her
command that never came. This was aggravating to say the least! I still have
to work on her holding and sitting still because she is so excited when we
get into the field. She still has a lot to learn, but is learning fast.
She also likes to watch her Granddaddy "Boomer" hunting on Versus TV.
Her first dove season '08 - '09 she retrieved over 120 birds during the three
seasons and only ate one at this first of the season, but that came back up
20 minutes later. Overall, she has done GREAT!!!   A++++++'s
Can't wait until next season.
Proud Parents,Wally and Kathy
Hi Donna, Spike and I had to share the great news that Berkeley passed his
AKC Good Canine Citizen test last night at the young age of 7 months! We
are so proud of him—he has made tremendous progress since Puppy
Kindergarten! Spike is working on getting the latest photos of him “helping”
in the garden online, and we will send them on. He looks more like JD every
Hi Donna,
we love all the updated info on the website! Berkeley (10 months) just
started his new class here in Charleston with the hope that we are working
toward a CD level sometime this year. We are having a great time with him!
Hope you and your family are well! When we head north for Thanksgiving we
will give you a call and if you all are free we will definitely stop by. Take
P.S.—we are horrible picture takers but we are going to work on some pix
this fall!
Hi Donna.   
Just looked at your web site, again, and every time I do I think about how
grateful I am that I found you and your wonderful dogs.  All of your dogs are
so beautiful and handsome.
Of course, I do think that I have the prettiest and smartest one of all.  It's
hard to believe that Sunny is almost one year old now.  It seems like
yesterday that I brought her home.  
I can't say enough good things about her or her temperament.  She loves all
people and children especially.  I hope that in about a year from now she will
love a new sister.  I am trying to wait until she is about two years old before I
get another one, so be sure that I will call on you for a puppy next fall or
winter.I was wondering if you could email me some information about
certifications such as the CGC, field trials, just about whatever you can think
of.  I know that Sunny is an exceptional dog and her talents should not be
wasted.  I also think that one day she will make a great therapy dog, so if you
have any info about that, I would appreciate it also.
Thanks again for being such a great breeder and lover of the best dog
breed in the world, Labs.  They truly are the greatest dogs on the
planet.Judy Lee
Hey Donna, just wanted to give you an update on Tava girl. We entered
her into a amature dog show today and she took best in show, 1st in
sloppiest kiss and got 2nd in best female dog. We didn't have a camera
with us but if they put any out we will send you those. Add another
champ to the line of dogs :) Tava's going to be wonderful!
-Matt & Kelly Barnaby
I wanted to send you photos of little Bailey. Hopefully her mom
will be proud. She's quite the social butterfly and scared of
nothing. The first weekend I had her she jumped in the ocean
and started swimming. Hope all is well.
Hey, This is Christopher.  I bought a black Lab from you and named it
Desperado.  It was one of the two black one's left in the litter and he was
the biggest out of them.  Ok hope you remember now.  Anyhow, I just
wanted to say that he's 13 weeks old now and he's a very good looking
dog.  The vet says that his weight is perfect and he's in great health.  He
gets his last shot today.  I'm having to put on the advantix flee drops almost
twice as often because he's in the water like 3 times a week.  I take him to
the pond and he's already retrieving his training toy.  He knows how to "sit,
shake, and lay down."  I'm still working on "stay."  When I feed him he sits at
the edge of the kitchen with his bowl like 6 feet away, I put the food in his
bowl and then wait, he stays there sitting until I give the command.  He's
really smart, loving, and the BEST dog I've ever had.  I told my girlfriend that
I wanted to trade her for another lab.  He's kept in the house during the day
because I won't have a back yard until December.  I would like to come visit
one evening or weekend to let y'all see how big he's gotten.  I'm really glad
that I picked y'all to get my lab from.  Every time someone asks I'm always
telling them about your website and praising you and your dogs.  Please if
there's any good time to come by I would appreciate it.  
Thanks a million, Christopher
Hi Donna,
Molly is very happy and growing like a weed.  Our vet was very
impressed with all the things I told her about you as a breeder.  She
said we picked a good one – I told her we knew that!!  One more thing
to brag about – Molly has been potty trained since we brought her
home.  She goes outside every time with the exception of 3
“accidents” which we caught in progress.  So again the vet was
impressed and we think we have a very smart girl.  She is like a
sponge -  watching and responding to everything.  It was great
meeting you and we’ll try to send some pictures soon.
Marguerite Tempel
Beaufort, SC
Hey Donna!
Everything is going well with Riley and I!! She is such a joy and love and a very
smart girl!! She truly loves everyone!! I have gotten so many wonderful
compliments from strangers and the vet staff about how beautiful and sweet she
is!! Her vet appointments have all been going well! We went this morning actually
and she is doing excellent as Dr. Buckley says!! She now weigh 26lbs and is
getting bigger every week! We both enjoy our daily walk/runs and playing in the
water! She loves the water and retrieving which is what we will be doing this
weekend at the lake at my dads!! Here a couple pictures of her I took today! I hope
all is well and can't wait to see the new additions from Skeet and JD when they
arrive!! I have given a couple people your website as they are interested in a lab
puppy and I told them that you are the best! Anyways I will send more pictures
soon! Take care. Allison
We took Buddy to our vet yesterday, and they RAVED about what a
beautiful pup he is. Great eyes, ears, heart, joints, etc. They were also
very complimentary of his bite/teeth. Our little butterball weighted 9 ½
pounds. He’ll go back on 3/16 for round two of the shots. He is doing
great, and we are so in love! He is a snuggle puppy, but definitely getting
comfortable and frisky in his new home. House training is going well. He’s
had some accidents, which isn’t surprising, but he definitely knows to go
outside.I think I told you we rescued a kitten in early December. Max is
now 5 months old, and he and Buddy have become fast friends, for they
are about the same size right now. They romp and wrestle – it’s quite
unbelievable. They drink water together. They are good playmates, and
I’m sure that has helped Buddy’s separation anxiety. Jack Carter took
Buddy to school first thing Monday morning and Buddy joined circle time.
He is so proud. Courtney
After seeing Cedar Creek's web page me and my husband were
interested in getting our next puppy from this kennel. I sent Donna an
email and got my reply back very quickly and she invited us out to her
place to meet her dogs. When we got there all the dogs looked happy
and healthy and all had their manners. My favorite was Tugboat. Not only
were we surprised with Tugboats looks but when he was let out of his
pen for us to greet he was very happy but very well behaved. He never
jumped and was very respectful. My husband squatted down with our 6.5
month old son and Tug sat for my husband to pet him and then laid down
to sniff and lick my son's hand. He didn't even get in his face, even
though we could see that he wanted to! All in all I'm very happy with the
dogs and with Donna's friendly nature. She is very knowledgeable with
the Labrador Retriever breed and is very personable. And I cant wait to
get my new pup home! If we get another Lab it will be from Cedar Creek.
Jessica and Jordan Chatham