Cedar Creek Retrievers
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Hope you are doing well! We LOVE Charlie!!! He is the best dog ever- and we
are not partial at all. Thanks so much for a great puppy!
Chris and Karen Donner
Donna, We just wanted to send a few pictures of Lucy for your
website. She was part of the July 16, 2007 litter. She is very well
mannered, loving, and loyal and we love having her as a
member of our family!  Hope you all are well.  Meredith and
Chris Canning
Hello,Just wanted to update you on Dixie (born March 24). We are so happy we got
her and she is doing really well in her training. She is pretty much housebroken
and crate trained for night time or when we leave the house. She already knows
how to retrieve the ball, heel, and sit. We are currently working on "stay". She is
not a big fan of that one. Since I work at home she just sleeps right under my desk
while I am working. Always so happy and friendly. We couldn't have asked for a
better puppy. She returns to the vet this Saturday for her shots, but as of last
week at Pet-smart she weighed in at 20lbs. Anyhow, just wanted to share some of
her glory with you. Thanks so much for letting her be a part of our lives. I have
included a few recent pictures for you to see how cute she is. Take care,Tamara
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Just a quick note to let you know how much we love Dixie. She is doing great
& sleeping all night in her crate. She has a great personality. Attached are
pictures from the weekend quail hunt-she loved it and did not want to gve up
her bird!
Thank you!
Beth Bryant
Just wanted to send you a picture.  Her name is Kaylee and she is precious.  You
were right – she is a cuddler and wants to lay in your lap.  She will probably be a 65
lb. lap dog at this rate.  Very smart.  Almost potty trained.  First night cried just a
little.  After that she goes in her crate and does not make a peep all night – loves her
crate.  She also has spotted birds and stalks them and then runs at them and lifts her
head to follow them when they fly off.  She has the Hopper trait of keeping her eyes
on me and makes every step that I make.  She and Phil are play buddies and he has
already taught her to sit and sometimes she gets the shake command right.
Kathy and Phil Campbell  
I just wanted to take a minute and email you about my chocolate lab male that i got from you
in the fall of 2010!! if i remember correctly his sire was Jake and mother was Copy!!  He has
been nothing but a blast!  I have done lots of retriever training with him and he just
finished up his first full duck season!  He is now 1 year and 5 months old.  Many friends
have complemented his temperament and his good looks.I thought you may like some
pictures, please feel free to use them on your website!!  
Thomas Read
Good morning!
I just wanted to share with you again how awesome our Scrap dog is!!! He is so naturally smart, I am
continuously amazed. He sits and waits for us to throw the ball or stick, closely watches to see where it
lands, and then searches until he finds the object. He'll stop and stick his nose in the air to sniff around
and then he's off again in his search, just amazing to watch.
Our other dogs will run off in the woods barking at unseen intruders and Scrap notices them then goes
back to whatever he was doing before. He is defiantly not a follower but a free thinker.
One of his best qualities is he just likes to be with us. Whatever room, whatever spot, he is at our feet,
sitting quietly and calmly waiting for the next move. We take him everywhere because he is so
We do work with him to teach him to be a pleasant companion, but most of these things come naturally to
Scrap. He is just so dang intelligent!!
Thank you thank you thank you for sharing him with us!