Welcome to our home
Raising quality Labrador Retrievers since 1990.
Located in Holly Hill, South Carolina.
We're located about 40 miles west of Historical Charleston, on a 20 acre farm.
We have several trails and dove fields to raise and train our pups, we also have access to several local duck ponds.
Cedar-Creek pups are placed as Therapy Dogs, Handicap Assistance, Cherished Family Members, Valued Hunting
Companions and Ultimate Sporting Dogs.
We are not a multi-breed kennel.
American Kennel Club has listed us as a Breeder of Merit.
We are a Certified A
merican Kennel Club Canine Good Citizens Evaluator.
We compete and Title our labs in AKC and UKC sanctioned Obedience and Hunt Tests to assure you that a
Cedar-Creek pup is the total package.
We have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to work directly with what we consider to be some of the Counties
best Field Retriever trainers and Obedience competitor coaches the State has to offer.
Our labs are never kept in unsanitary conditions or confined to a chain
and we do not expect this kind of treatment for any Cedar-Creek pup.
We want all of our puppies to have Happy, Healthy, Loving homes.
If a situation occurs, at anytime in your pups life, you find that you can no longer care for your pup, we will gladly accept
him/her back to the farm, no questions asked.
Our pups are always members of our family and will always be welcomed home.
Cedar-Creek Retrievers have their Hips and Elbows OFA Certified.
Eyes have also been CERF'd and cleared.
We have also completed additional testing (or cleared by parentage) for
EIC (exercise induced collapse) and CNM (centronuclear myopathy).
Please visit
www.labradorcnm.com to view a list of
cleared Labradors and a video of affected dogs.
We take great pride in our breeding program & do everything in our power to ensure that you have a puppy that is
Healthy, Free of Genetic Defects, Pleasing in Appearance and Intelligent with
a Good Attitude for Learning.
All puppies from Cedar-Creek Retrievers are conditionally guaranteed against
Congenital Hip Dysplasia & Hereditary Eye Disease for 26 months.
If your pup develops one of these conditions within this time frame we will replace your pup with
an equal pedigreed pup or return half of the purchase price (at our discretion.)
You are not required to return your pup to us. We do require the pup be spayed or neutered.
All puppies will have 24 hour Canine Medical Attention from our
Resident Veterinary Technician/Certified Animal Care Specialist.
Cedar-Creek Retrievers LLC is an AKC Registered Labrador Retriever Breeder.
Our kennel name was issued to us by the American Kennel Club.
We are family owned and operated and love what we do.

Feel free to schedule an appointment to have your dog evaluated as a Canine Good Citizen.
We also offer "one on one" personalized training.
Update - Due to the safety and health of our puppies, we are no longer accepting dogs for training while we have
puppies. We also will not allow visitors during the whelping and rearing period. The website will be updated twice a
week for new puppy owners to see pictures of their puppies as they grow.
We hope that you value the health of your puppy as much as we do and we hope that you fully understand and can
appreciate our decision to no longer allow visitors at this critical time
in your puppies development and health.
It is absolutely detrimental that we keep our puppies free of any airborne diseases and viruses.
The health of our puppies is our # 1 priority.
When purchasing a puppy
There are several good, quality breeders.
If you take the time to examine different breeders you will have a happier, healthier overall experience.
   This is a family addition that will be part of your life for up to 15 years,
God Willing.

    You owe it to yourself, your family & your pup to make an informed decision!!         
Cedar Creek Retrievers llc
Quality Labrador Retriever Breeders in South Carolina
We are an AKC
Certified CGC Evaluator
We are honored that AKC has listed us
as a Breeder Of Merit!