Previous Cedar Creek Pups
"Charlie" owned & loved by the Donner family
"Bailey" owned & loved by the Ellis family
(Skeet & JD pup)
"Sunny"  owned  &  loved  by  the  Lee  family.  (Tilly & JD pup)
    (Skeet & Sailor pup)
"Berkely CGC" owned & loved by the Coleman's.
(Tilly & JD pup)
UPDATE: Berkeley earned his CGC at only 7
months of age.
"Dixie" owned by the Trainor family.
       (Tilly & Tugboat pup)
"Bronson" owned & loved by the Cammer family.
(Mable & Tugboat pup)
We would like to thank everyone for the wonderful photos and updates.
Please continue sending them, they mean the world to us!! Thank you.
"Buddy" owned & loved by the Tiffey family.
(Skeet & JD pup)
The following pups were either bred by Cedar Creek or sired by Cedar Creek studs.
"Teal" owned by the Harmon family. Gambles littermate (Skeet & Sailor pup )
"Riley"owned & loved by the
Neal family. (Tilly and Tug pup)
"Riley & Leroy" owned and loved by the Waldrop
family. (Razzy & JD pup) & (Hopper & JD pup)
"Boomer" Owned and loved by the
Slate family. (Skeet & JD  pup)
Holcomb & Harmon (Copy & Jake pups)