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                                               ABOUT THE PUPPY QUESTIONAIRE

We want to thank you for considering Cedar Creek Retrievers llc.
We know that you have researched your options, and you have learned that we work very hard to breed
the finest quality pups possible, genetically sound, athletic, intelligent,  pleasant in appearance, with
excellent learning attitudes. Our pups are handled and played with for the first 42 days with us. By the
time you receive your Cedar-Creek puppy, he/she has been exposed to all types of surfaces, noises and
sights. Your pup has been exposed to doves and swimming in the pond (weather permitting). Your pup
has been on walks in the field and taken for drives in the automobile to the vet and around the
property. Your pup has been on solid food for at least 2 weeks and has had all age appropriate shots
and wormings.
Cedar-Creek pups are always considered members of our family and by filling out this questionnaire,
you are accepting the responsibility of lifelong care for your dog and if for any reason you can no longer
care for your pup, your pup will be welcome back to Cedar-Creek, no questions asked.

We feel our pups are special and want their new homes to be special also. Our pups will need love and
attention and training. Pups do not learn good behavior on their own, they will need proper direction.
They will need to be taught to be valued members of the family. You must be willing to devote a
substantial number of hours to caring for and training your new pup or arrange to have someone do the
training for you.

The questionnaire will give you an idea of what we consider important.  Our goal is to produce a well
rounded pup that would fit into every family and enjoy every activity. Our pups are calm, but excitable,
accepting, fun, healthy, happy and outgoing.  We want all of our pups to enjoy all activities, whether it be
swimming at the beach, out on the boat, in the hunting family, the obedience, agility or conformation
ring, a jogging partner or a friend that will sit quietly with your family. Each pup will be evaluated for your
needs as he/she begins to develop their personality.  We let each family pick their own pup, we only
assist you with our knowledge of your pups personality and aptitude.  This questionnaire is designed to
try to bring the awareness of the responsibilities of owning a dog.
We deal with these issues on a daily basis, and would choose no other life. Our labs have made our
lives richer and fuller. We want you to have the same experience.  
If you do not wish to fill out the questionnaire, please feel free to call or come to our home.  


Name -

Address -

City, State, Zip-

E-Mail -

Phone number-

Number of Family Members-

Ages of Children -

If you need a pup for a family member with special needs or handicap please let us know-

If so, what type of special needs and their ages?-

How many family members are home during the day?-

If no one, who will care for the young pup?-

Where will the dog sleep?-

Do you own or rent; are you in an apartment or home?-

How long at current address?-

Is your yard fenced?-

What kind of fence?-

Explain why you want a dog?-

Who will be responsible for training the dog?-

Do you plan on having the dog professionally trained?-

Do you plan to have your dog spayed or neutered?-

What happened to your last dog?-

How many pets do you own now?-                      

What kind are they, and how old?-

If your puppy swallowed a sock and the veterinarian told you it would be $2500 for the operation, what
would you do?-

Who is your current veterinarian, include phone number with area code?-

Have you used a crate to house train puppies before?-

How many hours do you plan on spending with you pup a day?-

Are you planning to move in the next 5 years?-

What will you do with your dog when you go on vacation?-

Are you prepared to make this commitment for the next 15 years?-

Do you plan to use the dog for hunting?-

Will you plan to run your dog in any Field Trials, Hunt Test, Agility, Conformation, or Obedience Trials?
Please state which type of trial-

If you are interested in a specific Cedar-Creek litter please let us know which one-

Are you interested in a male or a female?-

Please list your color preference number, #1 most preferred, number #3 least preferred

Again the purpose of the questionnaire is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your new pup and
that you have the correct pup for your needs.
Each Cedar-Creek pup is special and we want to ensure that special home for each and every one of
them. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
                               Donna Matthews Mintz - Cedar Creek Retrievers llc