Cedar Creek Retrievers
      Stud fees and requirements
                                                       Breeding requirements
                                                                   * Stud fee's are $800.00.
                                                                   * Your female must come with a current shot record.
                                                                   * copy of your dogs 3 generation pedigree before breeding.
                                                                   * Half of the stud fee is required at the time of breeding.
                                                                   * Current Brucellosis Test within 10 days of breeding.
                                                                   * Hip and Elbow OFA Certification
                                                                   * Eyes CERF'd within 2 years.
                                                                   * EIC (Clear or Carrier results)
                                                                   *CNM (Clear or Carrier results)
                                      If your dog does not produce a litter of pups the breeding will be repeated.   
                                                   We will try for at least 3 ties before your dog will be returned.
                                                                 Registration papers will be signed after birth.
                                                                                 Please contact us in advance.